Why You need to be using Keyboard Shortcuts

Using Keyboard shortcuts blog
The first time I remember watching someone implement keyboard shortcuts I thought, “Why would you do something on your keyboard when your mouse is right there?”. It was during a high school computer class, and ...
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Ways to Implement New Technology into Your Business

Woman teaching employee how to use new technology
No matter what your opinion is about technology within the workplace, one thing for sure is that it’s here to stay. Throughout my life, I have worked for many companies of varying sizes. Despite their ...
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Identity Theft

Identity theft blog
Computer viruses are extremely common these days with the advance of technology. Hackers target peoples computers and laptops at an alarming rate. Once someone has your information, they can do whatever they want with it; ...
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What is VoIP?

VoIP blog
   Stop and think of any business you’ve ever visited.From a swanky restaurant downtown to your favorite clothing store, the most important part of any well operating business is its channels of communication. Phone systems ...
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Stay Safe: Malware Attack on Home Routers

Staying safe on the internet is becoming more and more difficult in this day and age. There are many ways that hackers can try to steal your information and gain access to your computer or ...
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How Safe Are Public Networks?

Public networks are found practically everywhere you go, and it seems that everyone uses it without question. So, it must be safe right? Unfortunately, no. 87% of people admit to taking security risks while on ...
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