Data Backup & Disaster Preparedness

Protect Your Systems From: Natural Disaster (Fire, Flood, etc.), Power Outage, Hardware Failure, Viruses & Malware, Intrusions, Unexpected Errors/Deletions

Why Protect Your System?

  • When you run your business, you want to know that your data is safe, secured, and backed up. You want to know that if something does go wrong, you have a tried and tested plan for saving your data.
  • Our solutions allow your business to stay online even if hardware suffer failures, or if users on your network fall for a ransomware attack.

Having a proper backup and recovery plan is essentially taking out an insurance policy for your business.


Unfortunately, businesses only tend to deal with problems after they occur. Anything from a natural disaster like a fire or flood to a hardware failure as simple as an operating system update failing or hard drive dying - the aftermath can keep businesses down for days or weeks if they don’t have the proper procedure in place.


However, if you have the proper infrastructure, this is where the investment in your recovery process protects your business. With no plan or hardware to deal with a downed server, a business is going to be left with a huge service bill to get them back up and running, not to mention an increased amount of downtime waiting for their equipment to be fixed or replaced.


If only the data is backed up, they will still have to spend time waiting for new equipment to be installed, or even worse, wait on the right parts to arrive. This type of fix could still end up taking days or weeks.

With the Computer Guild’s IT expertise and help desk, we work with our clients to secure a solution before they even face a disaster.

We identify what equipment will be needed and install software that allows us 24/7 active monitoring so that we know the moment a problem has occurred. The Computer Guild’s Backup Recovery and Disaster Preparedness plan is your five-star insurance policy.


Our Complete Disaster Preparedness Plan:



Identify equipment and essential resources to your business that you want to protect.


Install software that allows remote monitoring 24/7. If any part fails, we are notified immediately.


Appropriate action will be taken to ensure your systems maintain uptime while we repair/replace the failing equipment.


We verify the integrity of the backup and test the recovery to confirm everything has been restored properly.

What's your backup solution today?

  • None

    System goes down, you lose everything.

  • Data Only

    System goes down, data is recovered. Repair and reinstall within 3-5 days.

  • Full Backup & Recovery

    System state and data are backed up daily. If the system fails, we can restore full operation within 12 hours or less.

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