Cloud Solutions

Protect and access your data from anywhere in the world.


Cloud Solution Services offer a storage place for your business to keep files and data both online and accessible. In the most cost-friendly manner, your business will increase flexibility and scalability. Through cloud services, you will be given access to your data anytime, anywhere, on any device.  With ease, enjoy utilizing cross-communication and collaboration. Cloud solutions offer data protection, consistency, and accuracy by maintaining referential integrity. Your data will be kept safe using data-centric encryption to prevent unauthorized access to the cloud.

Cloud Based Storage

Cloud storage allows for quick secure access to your files from anywhere. As a result, your edits are saved across all devices and new files are available within seconds. This allows for cross-collaboration available at any time with fast results between employees.

File Sharing and Secure Access

Files can be shared and distributed based on the needs of the business. Shared files allow for live editing by all parties they are shared to.  File and folder access can be protected behind 2FA to allow for secure access. Find out more with Computer Guild IT!

Email Systems

Having Cloud based email systems offer many of the same features as cloud based storage services. Switching to cloud based email lets your business become worry-free about maintenance and version control issues. Businesses gain easier accessibility for remote based work with cloud based email without requiring on-premises hardware.

Office Productivity

Office solutions allow businesses to collaborate with others, live inside the same file. Email, productivity suite, and file sharing integrate seamlessly, allowing for a more productive workflow. This will eliminate the need for downloading and installing programs. Files can be viewed and edited on any device without utilizing extra apps.

Office Based Communications

Your business can use Gmail for a webmail interface, or Outlook as a software application that allows you to manage emails you wish to configure. Standard cloud emails will integrate with your calendar and cloud storage to allow for more collaboration in the workplace.