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Here at The Computer Guild we are passionate about helping our customers meet their business needs by offering the best in hybrid VoIP technology. Our company goes above and beyond most other VoIP providers by giving customers more options, mobility, and reliability, with backup options. We do the install, as well as provide free unlimited 24/7 phone support for the length of the account. Between what we offer through The Computer Guild paired with Star2Star® technology, you get the combined support of both companies.


The Computer Guild is a proud Star2Star® partner

  • Solutions for Every Business

    Whether you need 5 phones or 100, we have a solution that will best fit your needs.

  • Improved Quality and Features

    VOIP systems offer a high quality service and crystal clear audio.

    Learn more about VoIP Vs PBX/PRI and what solutions we offer.

  • Savings over Other Providers

    100% of surveyed customers cut their monthly communications costs since switching to Star2Star®.

  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Our goal is to ensure every customer is always satisfied. There is no risk to trying our system as we provide a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee to help ensure our system is the right fit for your needs.

  • Keep Existing Numbers

    In most cases, you can keep your current phone numbers. Local number portability makes it possible to port your number(s) to a new service provider of your choice. 

  • Security

    Security and peace of mind are paramount in today’s fast-paced industries. Since Star2Star® has built-in security features within their phone systems, know that your business is in good hands.


Never worry about phone problems getting in the way of your business ever again! Our highly skilled technicians can help support your phone system if any issues may arise.


With the Star2Star® cloud-based system, downtime is a thing of the past. Plenty of failover options, and we can also assist and make changes to the phone system remotely, making problem-solving quick and easy!


All phones and equipment are guaranteed to be covered for any defects, with next business day replacement.*


*Does not include batteries.

Kalamazoo Computer Repair Tech Support


Take advantage of one of these limited time offers when you switch to Star2Star® systems, and enjoy extra savings, free phones, and more.


Current offers available until September 30th, 2019.