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Remember when everyone went crazy about tablets. It seemed like if you didn’t have one you were in a different crowd. A crowd reading their ebook on their tiny smartphone screen or trying to bring a bulky laptop on a plane. I was one of those people who had to have one, and I got one for my birthday in 2010. I felt like this little piece of technology was going to change my life ...Fast forward to 2019, and I don’t own a tablet. I honestly don’t feel the void of not using one, and I’m wondering if others feel the same way. 

Since the advancement of smartphone technology, phones, in general, have gotten larger. They have pretty much taken the place of tablets. In addition, the evolution of laptops has resulted in devices that are smaller, lighter, and are equipped with hardware that can stand up to our productivity standards. 

So here’s what I would suggest if you still want a tablet, and you’re wondering how it could fit into your lifestyle: 

Do You Have Children?


Tablets are a great piece of technology for kids. Don’t get me wrong, I think kids should be running, and playing outdoors in nature. However, there is downtime needed in certain situations such as long road trips, or those hectic shopping trips on Sunday. These are perfect situations for kids to play a game, or watch their favorite show on Netflix. You could, hand off your phone, however, risking losing your phone is the perfect recipe for identity theft (link to our blog post about identity theft), or getting your phone damaged. Tablets are perfect for these situations, and you can even buy a hardy case to keep the tablet safe from drops and spills.

Do you read ebooks A LOT?

These days you can bring 10 books with you on vacation without the added weight to your luggage. You don’t even have to buy them anymore, your local library often offers them on their website for free. If you find that you’re reading a lot of these, it might pay to invest in a tablet. Reading on a smartphone is fine, but may result in eye strain after prolonged periods because of it’s smaller scale. 

Are you a gamer?


I know you’re probably breezing through all of the levels of Candy Crush like a champ, but I’m referring to games that require a bit more oomph. If you are a hardcore gamer, you need a device with a strong enough power supply to support higher-end gaming components. Check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, or the Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus, which are excellent choices. Carrying a tablet around is a lot easier than carrying a bulky gaming laptop if you travel. Which brings me to the next point. 

Are You A Business Owner

Many small to mid-sized business owners are switching to paperless methods. From scanning their important documents into a document management system (DMS), emailing customers their receipts, to completely digitalizing their point of sale purchases(POS). The later one pertains to this article. Replacing outdated cash registers with sleek, easy to handle, tablets to cash out customers is becoming increasingly common. All it takes is an app, some finesse combined with training, and you are up and running. I remember going to a restaurant last year, and they used tablets not only to ring out customers, but their wait staff also used them to take orders.  


As you can see, there still might be some applications within your life were a tablet fits in. However, there aren’t many. My suggestion to you if you are thinking about getting a table, take a mindful look into your lifestyle and try to picture if you would actually use one. You don’t want to invest money, however much or little, into something you would rarely use. 


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