About Us

We are an I.T. company with a focus on you. Whether it be home services, business I.T. support or telecommunications, we help our clients accomplish what they need and save them money.

From the beginning, our vision was to create an I.T. company that is knowledgeable and experienced, while pricing our services low, so that smaller companies can afford to enjoy them. As a result, we have achieved an excellent balance between outstanding service and pricing.

In 2017, we expanded our services from a Telecom based company to Web Design & Marketing for small and medium sized businesses. While maintaining tradition, our new services are provided with the highest quality, and the same approachable attitude our IT clients are accustomed to receiving.


Basem's Bio

"Find simple solutions to complicated problems. Make it look easy."

The first time I sat in front of a computer I knew I wanted them to be in my future. I was taking a basic computer class and my teacher was explaining her simple 15 line program in Basic. The next day I had written a 23 page program with all sorts of upgrades to my teachers. As a result, my love for computers began. I had since immigrated to the US and proudly became a US citizen. Celebrating the land of the dreams and opportunity, my brother and I started out The Computer Guild as a place for people to find simple computer repairs without having to deal with complicated companies. Get in, get the system repaired, get out! Since then, we have expanded into all sorts of technology related avenues. Always keeping the same attitude, keep it simple, and save our clients as much as possible.

I am especially proud of the team that has worked together now for over 11 years providing awesome services to our area businesses. To see the team members growing in the business is quite exciting. I count myself blessed to have this group of people around me.

What I’m best at, problem solving. Diagnosing an issue and finding a good solution for it.

Meet Our Team



"Problems are just new puzzles to keep the mind active."



"Do what is right, not what is easy.

"P.S. MacGyver has nothing on this guy."



"Problems are just opportunities to learn something new."



"I like to fix or improve things, design and create different projects. I make art, sound and graphics, many times with the help of computers. I can frequently be found playing Battlefield 4, Watchdogs, and Skyrim. A master of Bri-chi."



"It cannot just be 'a job.' It has to be something that gets you excited, something where the mind can be flooded with innovation, where the heart is used as a tool for any opportunity given."


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