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Every business needs some form of tech support. Although, not all businesses can afford having their own I.T. department, and for that reason alone is why The Computer Guild’s Business I.T. Support is here for you.

Business owners understand the advantage of having I.T. issues taken care of correctly the first time and being proactive about future issues. Having The Computer Guild’s Business I.T. Support on your side, I.T. Support will anticipate issues before they arise and make the changes necessary to avoid them. When issues do occur, your I.T. Support will move quickly and treat the situation with urgency and does not stop until everything is functioning again.

The Computer Guild’s specialty is offering small to medium sized businesses an IT/Help-Desk department that molds to your environment to provide the best service possible.

Business IT for your company include:

Help-Desk Support
Answer calls from all users regarding issues they have with their systems
Resolve problems remotely when possible to minimize downtime
Onsite resolution same day or next day depending on the sensitivity of the issue
Cloud with icons
Email, Mobility, and File Sharing
We offer flexible solutions to connectivity and mobility
Partnering with Google and Microsoft to offer you the best platform that suits your needs
We have extensive experience with Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Exchange Online
Setup VPN tunnels for secure offsite files access and Hyper-V connesctions
Internet Connections and Phone Systems
We partner with local national telecommunications companies to help provide you the right solutions that suit your needs for Internet connectivity and phone systems
Experienced in traditional and VoIP phone system installations, troubleshooting, maintenance, and upgrades.
Fix network switch in data center room .
Network Installation
Our team has extensive experience installing low voltage wiring in new buildings and rewiring existing buildings
Design and setup WiFi systems and including securing private and public SSIDs (connections)
Implementation of VLANs to help secure your network and prioritize traffic
Security and Serveillance
Setup of NVR and DVR systems
Setup of electronic lock security door systems
Key-less entry or Keypad panel entry
Server and Network Management
Installing server systems onsite or remotely
Setup third party software needed to operate your business
Redundant backup systems on and off site
Setup firewall and security systems on your network

Service Plans

Our Business I.T. Support services are available at a competitive hourly rate for businesses. We enjoy establishing an ongoing relationship with our business clients by providing them with Service Plans. Our Service Plans allow our engineers to do the following:

Contact- Assign your business a point of contact on our team that has experience and knowledge of your I.T. needs.
Help-Desk- Establish procedures for your employees to access our help-desk services.
Inventory- Survey your systems and networks and document a full inventory of your equipment.
Recovery- Setup and test backup and recovery procedures.
Secure Files- Obtain and secure config files (internal settings) for all networking equipment for same day swap of equipment in the event of failure.
Security- Implement security updates to your systems remotely and after hours to avoid interrupting your operations.
Maintenance- Run routine maintenance and system checks.
Practice Scenarios- Establish best practice scenarios for your employees to work with systems and report failures.

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