Discounted Rates! Limited Time Offer,
New Clients Only

Discounted Rates! Limited Time Offer, New Clients Only

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Please note that this estimate calculator is designed for small business clients. If you need additional services that are not listed or a higher number of computers/servers, please contact one of our reps for a full quote.
This Estimate does not include additional discounts your business might be eligible for. Submitting the quote request to our team will allow us to review your business requirements and check all available discounts.

Please note that this calculator is used as a simple estimation tool. If you would like a precise quote, our team would be happy to have a discovery call with you where we can assess your systems and give you an exact quote for the services you need.

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  • Contact

    Assign your business a point of contact on our team that has experience and knowledge of your I.T. needs.

  • Help Desk

    Establish procedures for your employees to access our help-desk services.

  • Inventory

    Survey your system and networks and document a full inventory of your equipment.

  • Recovery

    Setup and test backup and recovery procedures.

  • Secure Files

    Obtain and secure config files (internal settings) for all networking equipment for same-day swap of equipment in the event of failure.

  • Security

    Implement security updates to your systems remotely and after hours to avoid interrupting your operations.

  • Maintenance

    Run routine maintenance and system checks.

  • Practice Scenarios

    Establish best practice scenarios for your employees to work with systems and report failures.