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7 Steps To Going Paperless

Blog post - worker frustrated by all of the papers

Whether it’s at home or within a business setting, paper clutter accumulates fast. Not only is it an eyesore, but it undermines any organization tactics you may be trying to implement. As I write this article, my mind jumps to some of the filing I need to do at home. Hey, we’re all guilty of…

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5 Ways To Use A Tablet

Blog post - Person holding a tablet unsure if they are still relevant

There still might be some applications within your life were a tablet fits in. However, there aren’t many. My suggestion to you if you are thinking about getting a table, take a mindful look into your lifestyle and try to picture if you would actually use one. You don’t want to invest money, however much or little, into something you would rarely use.

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Why You need to be using Keyboard Shortcuts

Using Keyboard shortcuts blog

Keyboard shortcuts can be a game-changer for productivity. They are almost essential, for any office. Learn them slowly so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Here is a list of some of the more popular ones to implement.

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Ways to Implement New Technology into Your Business

Woman teaching employee how to use new technology

The first step in using new technology in your business is to pinpoint certain areas within your company where it’s needed, and start small. Then do your research to see if there is a certain software, device, or app that could expedite your workflow. It might make sense to take advantage of the free tools out there so that you don’t invest in something that won’t be useful to you. If you end up loving it, you can always go bigger.

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Identity Theft

Identity theft blog

Computer viruses are extremely common these days, leaving many people vulnerable to attacks. There are different types of viruses, called malware, that the hacker will use to retrieve your personal information. These attacks can leave have many different consequences.

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What is VoIP?

VoIP blog

With VoIP or telecom, you can direct your phone calls through your internet connection, rather than your phone company. It’s easy to transition to a VoIP system, and with its low start-up costs, combined with low maintenance fees, and mobility almost anyone can benefit.

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Stay Safe: Malware Attack on Home Routers

Staying safe on the internet is becoming more and more difficult in this day and age. There are many ways that hackers can try to steal your information and gain access to your computer or home network. One of the latest major malware attacks has been on home and small business routers. The Federal Bureau…

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How Safe Are Public Networks?

Public networks are found practically everywhere you go, and it seems that everyone uses it without question. So, it must be safe right? Unfortunately, no. 87% of people admit to taking security risks while on public networks. Public networks gives access to hackers to use Man-In-The-Middle (MitM) to retrieve account information used on unsecure web…

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Which Laptop is Right for Me?

This is one of the questions we are asked all the time. The answer is simple, the right laptop for you is the one you can afford and is able to handle what you throw at it. So, let’s take it from the top. Start with the budget Most of our customers start the process…

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Be A Safe Computer User

We all go about our day focusing on our job, our day off, that text, the phone call, writing a paper, reading the news, listening to a song, watching a video, or playing a game; all using some form of electronics throughout our day. Most of the time, the safety of our electronics is ignored.…

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